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I want to be successful. Not by your definition, but by mine  

  I am my own demise. Maybe I’m asking too much? But is it really impractical to ask for the cheat sheet to your life? A set of instructions that supposed to tell me what my purpose in life is supposed to be? It would really help me finally settle on a major. I just hate having to wake and go to class for classes that I either don’t need or don’t interest me. It’s frustrating knowing that I haven’t gotten my life together. I’m in my second year of college and I still have no clue.

But best believe everyday I’m day dreaming about the type of life I want to be living. The life I crave, the life where information is mine for the taking and creativity romes free and business is booming, and at the head of it all the master mind ruling her empire. The crazy part is that I know I have it in me, it’s an undying yearning I feel every time an idea for a project comes to mind or the jealousy I feel when I watch YesJulz snap and she’s talking business or inspiration boost when I listen to one of Myliek’s podcast.. But what would I do? Event planning? Maybe make my own hair product? Maybe I could help bring out new talent? Maybe I could be a photographer? Programmer? Why can’t I do all? I’m interested in all of them, but how would I mash it all together? One thing I do know, I know I’m destined for greatness. I believe it and I have spoken it out into existence countless times. I just want so much more out of life, I can’t be confined to a basic job description that’s gonna box me in. I want more, I want something earth shatteringly fulfilling. I want to be my own boss an entrepreneur, just someone doing big things.

Success is what you make it. And here’s my definition of success: is finding what your purpose is, finding what you were born to do. I believe that when I finally find what I was born to do, everything else will just flow. The goal isn’t how much money can I make? The goal is what will make me happy? Forget about the money if you do what you, love the money will follow. I just want to work hard for something that I’m passionate about, and go to bed exhausted, but the good kind of exhausted. The kind that says you put in a good day’s work, and I’ll wake up in the morning ready to do it all over again with no complaints. And I guess that’s my definition of success, what’s yours?





I have a vision for myself, and I’m starting completely from scratch. This is where I document how I become what I aspire.

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